What my baby's first touch meant to me - My story

What my baby's first touch meant to me - My story

It was a balmy summer evening. I was standing with my husband at the hospital reception. He was filling up my form and I was standing beside him feeling a little scared and nervous. I was going to get admitted in sometime and my lower uterine c-section procedure was going to be held the next day.

Once the admission procedure was complete, my husband and parents left. It was then that I started feeling lonely and also apprehensive. But things got busy from there on since there were certain tests which I had to undergo before my surgery the next day. The reason for a planned C-section in my case was that my baby was in the breech position as found out in the last ultrasound.

It is interesting how a mother gets that strength and willpower when it comes to the well-being of her baby. When my doctor had suggested a C-Section, I had readily agreed. I knew it was for my baby’s safety.

My friends who had undergone C-section surgeries had given me details of the entire procedure and to be honest, it was scary. Being cut open and stitched up is not something that we hear of everyday. So, I was trying to get myself mentally synced with what lay ahead of me.



After some normal tests like ultrasound, urine and blood works, I was served a light dinner and asked to sleep. The night passed very slowly. I couldn’t sleep properly and was twisting and turning in my sleep the whole night. It was a mixed feeling of apprehension and excitement. I woke up the next morning with butterflies in my stomach.

Soon, I was outside the OT where my husband and parents were waiting for me. Looking at them made me feel a lot stronger. Once inside the OT, the anesthetist administered me the spinal anesthesia and I could slowly feel my body going numb below the waist. I was then laid down and the procedure started. Although my body was numb, I could still feel some pressure on my lower abdomen.

My doctor kept speaking to me during the entire procedure and told me that the baby would be out soon. Suddenly I felt a very strong pressure on my abdomen and in the next few seconds, I could hear my baby’s cry. I don’t know why but tears came down rolling. I had never in my life felt so many emotions at one go, ever before. I had become a mother. I couldn’t believe it.

“It’s a handsome baby boy,” my doctor announced. I couldn’t wait to see him, feel him and hold him. Very soon, the nurse brought him to me. I longed to sit up and hold him in my arms, but due to being numbed waist down I couldn’t do that. Then the nurse did a wonderful thing. She put him on my chest with his cheeks touching mine. That moment.

No words can describe how I felt during that moment. I really can’t express in words that whether any feeling could be as heavenly as this. It was simply magical. After some time, they took him away for his initial health checkups and took me to the recovery room, where I went off to sleep in a matter of minutes.

I was woken up by the nurse hours later and the first thing that I saw was that she had my baby in her arms. I remembered seeing him for a small period after the surgery and longed to take him into my arms. Holding him for the first time was the most beautiful experience I have ever had in my life. He looked beautiful, so delicate and so small, making me weak and strong at the same time.

The nurse guided me the right way to hold him and then asked me to try and feed him. The moment he could latch on, I could sense his hunger, as if he was longing for my touch, my comfort, my feed. As his tiny body huddled up close to mine, I realized that nothing could be as celestial as the first touch of your baby.

Soon, I was discharged, and I took my baby back home. Just like his first touch, his first bath would always be memorable for me. When I tried Baby Dove for his first bath, I could relate it to my baby’s first touch. Soft, delicate and caring. I knew I had chosen the right thing for him. I knew Baby Dove was safe for my baby’s delicate skin. Today, I am a proud Baby Dove mom and I know it cares for my baby’s skin just the way I care for him.

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