10 Ways To Ease Your Baby's Pain After Vaccination

10 Ways To Ease Your Baby's Pain After Vaccination

Every mom sheds tears when she sees her baby is in pain after the vaccination shot. Poking a baby with the needle is no fun. When you hear the word ‘vaccine’, it scares you a lot. But vaccination safeguards your child from several diseases. But one question comes to my mind when I heard the word “Vaccine”. It is important to immunize your baby but we are here to tell you the ways to ease the pain of vaccination.

Whether the vaccinations are worth the pain?

Vaccines protect your child from some preventive diseases. Always make sure that your child gets all of their mandatory vaccinations on time. Let’s discuss few of the benefits of vaccinations for your child.

#1. Immunization makes life better

Due to the advancement in the field of medical science, you can protect your children from various diseases through immunization. Example Polio which was a common problem before a vaccination was introduced.

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#2. Vaccines are Safe and Effective

Vaccines are provided to the children after a clear study and effective research by the scientists. Usually, vaccines cause discomfort, pain, redness, or tenderness in the vaccinated area. But this pain is minimal when compared to the pain caused by the diseases these vaccines prevent.

#3. Immunization protects your child

When your child is vaccinated regularly, then you can assure that your child is completely immunized. Apart from providing protection to your child , immunization also prevents the disease from spreading.

#4. Save time and money

Consider Vaccination a good investment against various diseases and their medical bills. Most of the schools never look for vaccination records in India. But in foreign countries, schools ask for the vaccination records for admitting the child in school.

#5. Immunization saves our future

After the arrival of vaccines, many harmful diseases, which made people disabled or increased the death rare have been eradicated. For example, Vaccination has eliminated the smallpox disease. When you vaccinate your child today, the preventable diseases through vaccination will never exist.

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10 ways to ease your baby's pain after vaccination

Possible side effects of vaccination

Some babies may suffer from the following side effects after vaccination.

1. Irritability
2. High temperature
3. Redness and swelling at the site of the injection.
4. Tenderness at the vaccinated spot.

If these side effects concern you more, then get your child examined by a medical professional without any hesitation. The doctors may prescribe some medications for fever as well as other symptoms.

10 ways to ease the pain of vaccination 

Babies may be poked with a needle up to 20 times during vaccinations before their second birthday. These shots are mainly given to protect your baby from dreaded diseases. Check out these ways to ease the pain of vaccination:

#1. Hold your Baby

During vaccination, stay close to your baby. Staying near your baby and holding him close can help to keep your baby calm. Swaddling your baby after vaccination makes them feel secure and snug. Make some small sounds like “shh shh shh” in baby’s ears which you usually make when your baby is fussy

Note: Different children will respond to different soothing strategies. So try different soothing sounds to calm your baby down.

10 ways to ease your baby's pain after vaccination

# 2. Breastfeed your baby

After the provider gives the injection, feed your baby because it may help relieve vaccination pain. Babies who are breastfed during vaccination cry less. Some parents feed their babies after the vaccination. It is better to feed your babies after vaccination because some infants may throw up during the vaccination.

#3. Get some quiet time

After vaccination, babies become irritated and drowsy, and may also have less appetite for few hours. In order to ease the situation, maintain a calm ambience at home. Dress your baby in breathable and loose clothes. Remember that a silent environment helps to make the baby calm.

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#4. Sugar

Different studies have found that sugar helps the medicine come down and takes the sting out of vaccination pain. Giving little sugar water before injection will be particularly helpful. You can also dip the baby pacifier in sugar water so that the baby sucks it during the vaccination.
Note: Sugar is not suggested for babies below 1 year of age.

#5. Distract your baby

During vaccination, try to distract your baby. when your baby does not pay attention to the vaccination, he may feel less pain during vaccination. Bring an item that will distract his/her attention during vaccination like bubbles, favorite toys, a noisemaker or favorite rhymes on a portable DVD player.

#6. Gently rub your baby’s skin

Never forget to gently rub your baby’s skin around the site of injection after vaccination. Rubbing the area just for 10 seconds after vaccination helps to reduce the pain. Pressure on the skin before the needle is poked may also reduce the pain. Try to apply gentle pressure before the vaccination and rub the skin around the injection site after the shot is given.

#7. Skin to Skin Contact

At least for a day or two after the vaccination, your baby needs more attention, warmth and comfort from you. Stay calm and make yourself available for your baby. If your baby is too young or under 6 months of age, give him/her more skin-to-skin contact to make her feel comfortable.

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# 8. Use a cool compress

To relieve the pain of vaccination, compress with cool and a clean washcloth on the sore area. Gentle massage or compress for few minutes will ease the pain. By doing this, you can reduce the soreness around the injection site.

#10. Restrict the movement

BCG vaccine is usually given on the arm whereas; most of the other vaccination shots are given on the thigh. Restrict movements of the vaccinated thigh else it could increase the pain of vaccination. Try to hold the thigh in a correct position. Do not let them walk or run at least for few hours after vaccination.

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