8 Sure signs that your child has a high IQ

8 Sure signs that your child has a high IQ

While every child is unique and special in their own way, some are blessed with a higher level of intelligence than the rest. They are born with unusual brain power that helps them learn and grasp things faster and develop a deeper level of understanding from an early age. Their higher IQ helps them to build creative perspectives and advanced problem-solving skills.

What is IQ?

IQ is the short form of Intelligence Quotient, which is basically a test designed to assess the reasoning and problem-solving skills of an individual. Scoring great marks in school and having a high IQ are two different things but the latter may influence the former.

Parents of highly intelligent kids often worry as their children start to display some unique behaviors or social differences from a very young age that set them apart from the other kids.
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Here are 8 sure signs you may notice in your child which means that he is born with a high IQ:

8 Sure signs that your child has a High IQ

#1. Razor-sharp Memory
One of the tell-tale signs that your child may grow up to be a highly intellectual person is that he has excellent memory power. If your little one is capable of following multiple instructions at a time and remembers even the minute details of any event or anything, there is a high possibility of him having an exceptionally high IQ.
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#2. Higher level of curiosity
Does your little one often irritate you by asking a lot of questions? Is it hard to satisfy him without giving a proper explanation to his questions? Well, having an inquisitive mind is another important sign of a higher level of intelligence.

If your child seems genuinely interested in learning new things, try to answer honestly all the why’s and how’s he throws at you and helps him develop a better understanding. You should also encourage them to read to clear their doubts – never tell them to stop asking questions.

#3. Advanced language skills
Another sure sign of your child being a genius is their advanced language skills. Intelligent kids learn to speak sooner than other kids of the same age and tend to easily pick up words from conversations he keeps hearing around the house.

They’d be framing sentences by the time their peers learn to utter the basic words. Your genius little one will prefer to have conversations with older children and adults as it will help them learn more and faster. Such kids also tend to have amazingly extended vocabulary for their age.

#4. Highly imaginative
Children with higher IQ usually tend to have powerful imagination and are very creative. They often tend to make up stories, create imaginary characters and even solve problems or puzzles in unique and creative ways. There’s a reason why intelligent kids can make really good liars.
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#5. Keen interest in artistic fields
Highly intelligent people are known to share a great interest in different artist fields. Be it music, art or any other creative platform, they use it as a medium through which they let their creativity and imagination flow.

If your little one also shows such interest, allow him to learn to draw or play a musical instrument. This will only boost their cognitive ability by developing new neural connections in the brain.

#6. Great concentration
Children are generally well-known for their short attention span. But, those gifted children on the other hand, demonstrate incredible concentration and determination.

They tend to stay focused throughout without getting distracted and move to other things only when they have completed the tasks at hand.

#7. Crosses developmental milestones earlier than usual
Has your child been reaching those developmental milestones much before the other kids of his age are? These developmental milestones act as a reference that parents can use to check if their children’s cognitive or physical growth is on the right track.

Most parents of highly gifted children say that they had noticed their child acquiring important skills such as language skills or motor skills earlier than the usual or expected age. If your child too has spoken his first words or taken his first steps much ahead of his peers, he may grow up to be an intelligent young man.

#8. Enjoys reading over other physical activities
Intelligent children tend to enjoy reading things on their own from an early age. Instead of playing outside or doing different physical activities with other kids of their age, they prefer to spend time alone reading books or solving puzzles. These kids learn to recognize and understand words much before other kids of their age can.

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