A Step By Step Breastfeeding Guide For New Moms

A Step By Step Breastfeeding Guide For New Moms

The two most important aspects of a good breastfeeding session are – latching and holding. If you have held your baby right and the baby is able to latch on to your breast correctly, it will result in a satisfying feed. While breastfeeding comes naturally to most moms and babies, some of us may experience a few, initial, hiccups, before we learn the ropes. If you are apprehensive about breastfeeding, take a look at this step by step breastfeeding guide.

Step by step breastfeeding guide for new moms 

Take a look this simple step by step breastfeeding guide for new moms:

Getting a good latch 

  • Step 1 – Place the baby on her side in a manner that she faces you and her belly is touching your belly.
  • Step 2 – Use a pillow to prop the baby up and support her in a manner that she reaches up to the level of your breast, without you having to bend over.
  • Step 3 Let your fingers and the thumb encircle the areola as you hold the breast gently.
  • Step 4 – Use your other hand to tilt the baby’s head backwards a little, placing your nipple on her lips for gentle nudging is a hint for the baby to open her mouth.
  • Step 5 – When your baby opens her mouth, help her take the breast into her mouth correctly. The lower jaw is placed under the nipple first.
  • Step 6 – Once the baby’s lower jaw touches the nipple, tilt her head forward to ensure a deep hold with her upper jaw closing on the breast. Ensure that your little one takes in the nipple completely along with a major portion of the areola as well.

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Holding the right way 

There are different positions in which you can hold your baby during breastfeeding for maximum comfort; both, yours and the baby’s.

#1. The Cradle Hold

In this position, you hold your baby in your forearm, with her head carefully supported by the crook of your arm. Let your other hand support her bottom and keep her close to your tummy. Make sure her head and torso lie in a straight line while she can move her hands and legs freely.

#2. The football position

This is quite a relaxing position, especially suited for moms who have had a c-section. It requires you to place one or two pillows on your side so that your elbow and forearm can rest easily on the pillows. Now hold your baby on the side of your breast with her head in your palm. Gently lift her head towards your breast while resting the baby’s body and your elbow on the pillows.

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#3. The lying sideways position

Most new mothers use this position for nighttime feeding when one feels too lazy to sit upright. It is also good for c-section moms. One can easily feed the baby lying sideways. You can keep your head on a pillow and cradle your baby in the crook of your arm, supporting her bottom and drawing her closer. With your other hand draw your breast to your baby’s mouth for easy feeding.

Comfy tips 

Invest in some maternity clothes like nightwear with zippers or tees, designed especially to help you breastfeed in comfort.

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Breastfeeding bras come with flaps for easy feeding.
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You can also get some trendy nursing covers to enable anytime, anywhere feeding even if you are outdoors or in a public place.
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