Effective Ways to Prevent Post Pregnancy Breast Sagging

Effective Ways to Prevent Post Pregnancy Breast Sagging

Becoming a mother is truly one of the greatest joys, but with it, comes the concern of sagging breasts (yes, your pretty breasts going from Kashmir to Kanyakumari is not at all delightful!). Do you have a hard time keeping up your twin assets? Are you unable to fit into your pre-pregnancy clothes?

Breast Sagging = Ptosis!

So, what is the great deal about breast sagging? Well, Ptosis is the medical term for the same and it’s basically a condition that leads to saggy and shapeless breasts after breastfeeding. However, a fact is that breast sagging begins during pregnancy. It also depends on factors like age, the fat percentage in your body and whether your breasts were already large, before pregnancy. Smoking habits and multiple pregnancies too,  can lead to a change in bust size. Our breasts are supported by ligaments. When we’re pregnant, the breasts become heavier and fuller continually, during the course of pregnancy. It leads to stretching of the ligaments, which eventually cause the breasts to sag. But how do we save our twin assets from this dreadful problem!?

Of course, being a woman is something to enjoy and not detest. By keeping a few pointers in mind, we can prevent breast sagging. And trust me, there’s not too much to do!

Here’s how to prevent your breasts from sagging after pregnancy:

  • Wear a bra that offers good, all-around support to your breasts – Choosing a bra that fits correctly is necessary. Often, we do not pay heed to what our correct size is and end up wearing bras that are either a size smaller or bigger. To understand the ideal bra and cup size, you can ask for assistance at the lingerie store. Pick bras with wide straps and support bands.

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  • Say NO to gaining excess weight – Weight gain is natural during pregnancy, in fact, it’s essential as well. But, the idea is to watch out how much you’re gaining. Your gynecologist is always the best person for seeking advice regarding how much gain is normal. Keep a check on your weight with a personal use weighing machine.

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  • Regular exercising is a must – Once you get a green signal from your doctor, you must continue exercising regularly. It will keep you fit and active throughout your pregnancy, as well as keep a check on weight gain. You can go for simple exercises like yoga and walk. In case swimming is your thing, double check with the doc whether it is safe to continue or not!Get a yoga mat to stay fit during pregnancy.

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  • Make sure your skin is provided with necessary moisturization – Make sure that your skin is moisturized regularly, especially your breasts. It helps in keeping the skin supple and get back in shape easily, after all the pregnancy stretching. There are special creams and oils available in the market, which are safe to use during pregnancy. Even your regular lotions and moisturizers work well.  Massaging skin with a hydrating moisturizer can aid the elasticity, collagen production and general resilience of breast skin. It will also help in preventing and fading the stretch marks. 

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  • Go at snail’s pace while losing weight – Once you have a pretty charmer in your arms, it’s time to plan weight loss. But make sure that you go slowly about it. You will be tempted to lose all the excess weight at once, as fast as possible, but that can lead to further breast sagging. Try to make it slow and steady. This gives your body the time needed to adapt to natural changes.
  • Maintain a Good Breastfeeding Posture – Sit in a comfortable place with proper back support and avoid leaning over the baby. It is advisable to invest in a good nursing pillow to maintain a good nursing posture and provide support to your breasts. This will prevent your breasts from drooping.

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Unlike the common misconception, breastfeeding is not the cause for sagging breasts. The sagging begins much before you cradle your baby in your arms. Keep a few tips in mind and your breasts will enjoy staying in shape. Bid adieu to your sagging woes and enjoy your moments with your delicate little one!

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