10 Best Potty Training Tips for Girls

10 Best Potty Training Tips for Girls

Are you wondering if you should start potty training your daughter? How do you know if she is ready?

Relax. Children display subtle signs that they are ready to be potty trained. If your little girl has started making gestures to you that her diaper is full or that she just pooped, she is all ready to get potty trained. Potty training a girl requires a different approach than boys. You might be worried about how your little girl will cope up with the new routine or that she might get anxious or that she might throw tantrums.

Don’t worry! Patience and consistency are the keys required to successfully potty train your daughter!

We present to you few simple tips to transition your little angel from wearing diaper to using potty.

#1. Show her around the toilet

Make her familiar with the fittings in the toilet such as commode, flush, tap etc. and teach her how and why it is used. Explain it as something that is fun to do.

#2. Let her know that grown-ups use toilet

Tell her that grown-ups don’t wear diaper and use potty. Emphasize on the fact that she is growing up and she should start using potty. Children love to be referred as grown-ups and they will be happy to oblige to start potty training.

#3. Let her watch and learn

Allow her into the toilet when you poop and pee. Show her how to sit and how to flush. Show her how to clean herself after using potty. Assure her that there is nothing to be anxious about.

#4. Bring suitable equipment for her

If the potty in your home is not suitable for her size, buy a child-size potty or buy a potty seat. Children may not easily accept sitting on a potty or a stool or on a seat to poop. Make it sound exciting to sit on that and allow her to choose the one she is going to use.

#5. Buy pretty panties or bloomers for her

Shop for pretty panties or bloomers along with her. Allow her to choose the one she is going to wear without diapers. Tell her that the new stuff purchased has to be worn without diapers.

#6. Ditch the diaper and don’t use pull-ups

YES. Stop using diapers the moment you plan to potty train her. Don’t use pull-ups as you will have to again transition from pull-ups to potty. Let her feel the wetness and get uncomfortable every time she pees. It will help her understand that she has to go to the toilet when she wants to pee so as to avoid getting wet.

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#7. Monitor her frequency and take her to the loo for the first few days

The first few days require a lot of monitoring and patience from you. Observe after how much time she pees after drinking liquids. Usually, it is between 15-30 mins. Take her to the toilet immediately after that much time after drinking liquids. For poop, you would know the usual time she poops either in the morning or evening. Take her to the toilet and encourage her to sit on the potty for some time till the poop arrives.

#8. Praise her or reward her

Every time she is successful in using potty, show your delight or clap your hands or reward her with her favorite snack. Keep her motivated to keep trying to use potty. Accept if there are few misses and tell her that there is nothing wrong in missing few times.

#9. Do it without interval

Choose a time when you can potty train her without a break such as long weekends or holiday season. This will ensure that she doesn’t have to wear a diaper again when she gets back to school. It will be confusing for her to wear diaper to school and then come back home to use potty.

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#10. Have patience

No matter how well informed you are, making a child pick up a new habit is easier said than done. Your daughter may resist initially to use the potty or may get cry or get over-anxious. Support her and assure her that you are confident that she will master the skill soon. Always remember to have patience and keep trying till she succeeds.

Dear Mommies, potty training no doubt will give you relief from cleaning/disposing soiled diapers. But transitioning from diaper to using the toilet may be a daunting task for your little princess. Some kids potty train within a week and some take a month. Kids with older siblings at home usually train faster.
Even after successfully potty training your daughter, you might still face challenges during night times. Try waking them up every night at set hour to use the toilet. Yes, you might have to face disturbed sleep pattern for few days to clean her up or change her clothes if she could not make it to the toilet on time.

To build her confidence to hold the urge to pee or poop, take her out for short walks after using toilet. She will feel confident to go out without wearing diaper and will be able to control her urge to use the toilet. Once she masters to control the urge to pee or poop, Congrats! You have successfully potty trained your little angel!

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