Most Common Problems After Delivery: Urine, Skin And Periods

Most Common Problems After Delivery: Urine, Skin And Periods

Pregnancy is something which every woman must experience. It’s a beautiful feeling, the feeling of a tiny life growing inside you every passing day. It makes you feel responsible for someone, whom you have never yet met! But this lovely feeling doesn’t come alone! Along with it comes some physical problems both during and after pregnancy. Though many moms may not face most of the problems, many would be going through the common health problems post-pregnancy, like urine inconsistency, dry skin and inconsistent periods. In this article we will go through the most common problems after delivery and how to deal with them.

Most common problems after delivery

For mothers who give birth via C- Section, it takes longer for them to recover and heal, than mothers who have gone through normal delivery. The reason is C- section is a major surgery and the cut along with the stitches, do take time to heal. Some smaller problems which almost all moms do face are constipation, feeling bloated after having a meal and inability to sleep throughout the night ( your little one ensures that you don’t get to sleep throughout )! But here today, let’s discuss the most common problems after delivery and how to deal with them.

#1. Urine inconsistency

Giving birth does have some effect on your bladder, and most mothers do face this problem. Sometimes one would sneeze or cough and find them leaking a little bit of urine. This becomes especially embarrassing for some if they are outside. But there is nothing to worry. Some exercises can be done to strengthen the bladder muscle and the best amongst them is Kegels. One can do this exercise in repetitive sets of 10, 3 times a day and within a month or two of starting to do the same, you can see results.

#2. Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

This is also a common problem faced by many mothers post birth. One of the major reasons that lead to UTIs post birth is not emptying the bladder on time and unable to empty the bladder completely. The reason for this is both the pain from the stitches and your baby. Your baby needs you always and all times and therefore many new moms, end up holding their urine while feeding the baby or bathing the baby, so that they don’t have to leave midway. This leads to the build-up of bad bacteria in the bladder, leading to UTI. The best way to handle this situation is by emptying your bladder before you sit down to feed your baby or bathing him. Also, drinking a lot of water and cranberry juice on a regular basis along with maintaining good hygiene, helps prevent UTI.

#3. Skin problems

A very common skin problem which most mothers go through post-birth is stretch marks. Why one get stretch marks depends on many conditions like your skin condition and genetics as well. Like for example, if your mother had stretch marks, there are more chances that you too would be having stretch marks. Also, women with a very big bump or dry skin are more susceptible to stretch marks than other women.

What you can do is start using a good oil, lotion or cocoa butter from early on in pregnancy, before your skin starts stretching. This would help prevent the formation of stretch marks to quite an extent. Those who still end up in having those, nothing to worry either. Once your stitches dry up, start applying a mixture of Vitamin e oil and castor oil on the stretch marks regularly and you can definitely see a difference in the marks in some time.

#4. Skin Rashes

Another common skin problem faced post pregnancy is dry skin and rashes. Many women get tiny bumps on their arms and chest post pregnancy. This could be due to hormonal changes that your body goes through just post giving birth and also due to the less time you are able to invest in your daily care. Applying a mixture of aloe gel with Vaseline helps in softening the skins and also gets rid of these tiny rashes.

#5. Periods

Pregnancy definitely does bring a major freedom to most women and that is getting no periods for at least 9 months or more! From missing the first period as one of the first signs of your pregnancy to the day you give birth, you are absolutely pad free and bleeding free! But when you give birth, you bleed a lot more heavily than ever before! Women bleed for a minimum of a week to 3 weeks continuously after giving birth. After this bleeding stops, many expect their normal periods to start which may start the next month onwards or many not for the next 6 months also, depending on your body, whether you are breastfeeding or not and on other factors like hormonal changes. Also once your period starts, they initially don’t follow the usual 28 to 30 days cycle. Some months you might get your period on the 20th day and other months on the 30th, so during this time planning your sexual intercourse based on safe dates, is definitely not the right thing to do! It takes almost a year for your periods to get back to their normal cycle and one has no option but to be patient in this case.

So to summarize it all, after pregnancy, things do change a lot, not only on the emotional front but also on the physical font. It’s just that one has to be a little patient and give things a little time. With this list of most common problems after delivery, we hope you will be better equipped to deal with them. Also, its advisable not to ignore any health issue that one faces during this time, for a stitch in time, does help nine!

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