Is it safe to give the Janam Ghutti to Colic Baby?

Is it safe to give the Janam Ghutti to Colic Baby?

Janam Gutti is an old Indian herbal concoction made for newborn babies. While your mother or grandmother may have been safely administering the Janam Ghutti for ages, it is in the recent years that the safety issues concerning the Janam Ghutti have begun doing rounds.

With pediatricians strictly saying no to the use of Janam Ghutti, the elderly in the family still insist on giving it to babies. What should a parent decide in such a situation?

Before talking about whether Janam Ghuti is safe for babies or not, we should understand the following:

  • What is Janam Ghuti
  • How it is made
  • How does it help to treat the colic problem in babies

What is Janam Ghutti & How is it Made?

Guti or Bal-Ghutti is a traditional Indian Ayurvedic combination of medicines prepared in breast milk or water and given to babies. Herbs used in the Guti are traditional herbs with medical attributes. Some parents begin giving Guti right from Day 1 of the baby’s life.

This preparation is believed to build immunity and tackle common baby problems like diarrhea, teething, colic stomach pain, and irregular bowel movements.The herbs used for preparing Ghutti are as follows:

1. Ashwagandha (अश्वगंध)
2. Murudsheg (मुरुडशेंग)
3. Ativish (अतिविष)
4. Bal-hirda (बाळ हिरडा)
5. Jaiphal (जायफळ)
6. Sonth (सुंठ) (Dry ginger root)
7. Haladkund (हळकुंड) (Turmeric root)
8. Kharik (खारीक) (Dry date)
9. Badam (बदाम) (Almond)
10.Jeshthamadh (जेष्ठमध) (licorice)
11.Dikemali (डिकेमाली)
12.Vekhand (वेखंड)
13.Kakadshingi (काकड शिंगी )

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How to make Janam Ghutti at Home

  • Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Clean and sterilize the slate, katori, and spoon. Wash all the herbs thoroughly under running water before using them.
  • Express 20 to 30 ml of breast milk. If you feed formula then keep the same amount aside.
  • Begin by taking one drop of milk on the slate, then dip the first herb of the list given above.
  • Rub it on the slate for 2-3 times.
  • After each herb, collect the rubbed medicine on a spoon with your finger just like we collect chandan from the slate.
  • Rub all the herbs exactly like this and then mix it in the BM/Water and offer to your baby.

When can I use Janam Ghutti for my Baby?

Here are a few common uses for which Janam Ghutti can be given to the baby.

  1.  When the baby shows signs of colic: If your baby is showing signs of colic and is crying inconsolably then you may use Janam Ghutti to soothe her.
  2. During teething and pain: If your baby is showing signs of teething with swollen gums or is in pain due to some vaccination then also you can use Janam Ghutti.
  3. Flatulence and other tummy problems: Janam Ghutti ingredients are good to ease digestion so if your baby is showing signs of flatulence then you can give a couple of teaspoons

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Is it safe to give Janam Ghutti to a Newborn or a Colic Baby?

According to WHO babies should not be given anything except breast milk or formula for the first 6 months. Even most doctors today don’t recommend Janam Ghutti for infants. Commercially sold Janam Ghutti may have a different kind of herbs, preservatives and sometimes even honey – all of which are not advisable for babies.

Why Do Elders Still Advocate Giving Janam Ghutti?

Janam Gutti is an ancient ayurvedic medicine. So, if you look this as Ayurveda point then many may still consider it safe to use for babies. However, in recent times, science has discovered that raw honey is not safe for babies for less than 1 year.
Raw honey can cause botulism – which is a rare but fatal disease which can occur in infants less than 1 year if they have honey. Therefore it is better to consult with a pediatrician if your child has any symptoms of tummy upsets or colic-like pain, before giving any local herbal concoction.

It is advisable to combine the best of ancient Indian practices with modern science and wait for atleast 6 months or even 1 year before giving your baby Janam Ghutti.

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