Ideas to Celebrate Kid’s Monthly Birthday

Ideas to Celebrate Kid’s Monthly Birthday

Anyone that had a baby knows how crazy fast they grow during their initial period, and how important it is to celebrate the monthly birthday of your child.

1. Age Block Photo Set
Get a photo or thousands of photos of child with the set of numbers corresponding to their months placed right next to them. You can also click photos every week.

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2. Balloon Baby
The cutest way to celebrate your baby’s monthly birthday. Tie or place balloons, equal to the number of months your child is, to the sofa or bed. Even your kid will love his photographs once he grows up!

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3. Magnet or Felt Ages above Baby’s Head
There’s no doubt that you won’t love doing these photo shoots every month. You simply need to place letters in the semi-circular pattern (as shown in picture) with words like, “I am 2 month” or “I am 2 months” and so on. Place your child in such a way that the letters are around his or her head. Click photographs to make the day memorable.

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4. Baby Bear
What better way is there to pay tribute to your growing baby and his favourite toy than to take monthly photos of the two together? You just need to place your child next to a teddy bear and take pictures every month. Soon enough your child will be bigger than his best friend.

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5. Baby in Basket
Your baby basket will remind you of how big your baby has grown. Take photographs of your sweet little in the basket every month. You will appreciate these photos when you have 12 photographs.


6. Calendar Queen/King
You mark everything else on calendar, so why not your baby’s monthly milestones? And while she/he is not big yet, you’ll easily find a calendar that will hold your baby.
Place a calendar beneath your baby encircle or mark the digit representing your baby’s month and take photographs.


7. Book it Down
Putting all those photos into an adorable baby book is a perfect way to save them forever and it give you space to write down just how you were feeling about baby as each month passed. Remembering those days will definitely bring smile in your face.

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8. Baby Bumps
Photographs of you holding your baby near your belly reminds you of the days when he/she was just a bump in your tum. Love it all around!


9. Baby Clothes
There’s no secret that your baby is going to outgrow clothes quickly. Use them to your advantage and photograph them in the same onesie every month. You will see just how big they are as you try and squeeze them into an outfit that had room to spare just a few months before.

10. Monthly Sticker
If you are not much into fancy, then you can simply buy a pack of monthly stickers to stick to a plain white onesie every month. It will be very exciting each month to see how small the sticker was getting against your sweetie. Once you’re done taking photos, you can remove the sticker and put it in a baby book next to the photo.
You can also easily make these stickers of your own!

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