7 Finger Foods to be Avoided till the Age of 3

7 Finger Foods to be Avoided till the Age of 3

Has your munchkin started eating solid foods yet? Although the transition to solid foods is fun and exciting as the little ones start to figure out how to eat on their own, you must choose the food items you introduce very carefully.

While foods like mashed avocado, potato, scrambled eggs, cooked veggies, etc. make good finger foods, there are some foods that you must avoid until they become well-acquainted with using and controlling their teeth and tongue to break down food. Here are 7 finger foods that are a major choking hazard until the age of 3 years:

7 Finger Foods to be Avoided till the Age of 3

#1. Whole Grapes, Berries, Cherry Tomato

Round fruits or vegetables such as whole grapes, berries or cherry tomatoes are one of the major reasons behind most of the choking hazards in babies. Even though they are bite-sized and quite nutritious, they are the perfect size to block the tiny windpipe of your little one when consumed wholly.
Tips to Avoid Choking: Slice down these foods to small chunks that will not get lodged in your baby’s windpipe.
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#2. Hard Fruits

The little one surely needs to consume lots of fruits as they are packed with nutrients essential for proper growth and development. But hard fruits such as apples, pears, etc. are difficult to chew and those big chunks can easily lead to another choking hazard. Even banana or jackfruits can be dangerous despite being relatively soft.
Tips to avoid choking: Boil or cook these fruits and possibly mash them before feeding your little tot.

#3. Chunks of Raw Vegetables

Just like those hard fruits, avoid giving raw vegetables that need chewing such as carrots, broccoli, cucumber, etc. to your baby as finger foods. Chunks of these vegetables can break off and can easily block the tiny windpipe.
Tips to avoid choking: Slice those big chunks into small pieces or grate them to make it even easier for your baby.

#4. Candies, Gummies, Marshmallow and Chewing Gums

Your baby needs to eat nutrient-rich foods during these initial years to facilitate healthy growth and development. Sugary foods such as candies, gummies, jelly beans, chewing gum etc. provide no nutritional value and will only affect the newly grown teeth. Moreover, these sticky foods are highly risky and can cause major choking hazards.
Tips to avoid choking: Opt for healthier options instead, such as fruits and vegetables.
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#5. Popcorn

This crunchy, yummy food that we cannot watch a movie without can cause serious choking hazard for your little munchkin. Not only it is generally made so tasty with lots of salt, fats, preservatives, making it quite unhealthy, popcorn also contains hard kernels that can easily get stuck in the windpipe.

Tips to avoid choking: Avoid giving popcorn to your munchkin at all costs. You can prepare some healthy finger foods at home instead.

#6. Nuts and Seeds

Avoid giving nuts and seeds to your baby as finger foods until the age of 5, no matter how small they are in size. It is advised to avoid even a spoonful of peanut butter as the sticky substance can be difficult to manage with the tiny tongue. Your little one’s windpipe is extremely tiny and these foods can easily get lodged in the windpipe.
Tips to avoid choking: Use peanut butter as a spread on toasted bread rather than giving on a spoon.

#7. Fish and Meat

You need to be extra careful while giving fish and meat to your little one. The bones and gristle can not only lead to major choking but can also cause scratches and tears in the delicate windpipe. Also, avoid giving hot dogs or sausages as finger foods to your little one since they are high risk choking food items.

Tips to avoid choking: Make sure the food is properly cooked and remove all the bones and gristles carefully before giving it to your baby.

Doctors say that you should only give them food that they can mash with the help of their gums. Introduce them to finger foods that can get dissolved in their mouth or are of small size to avoid any choking hazard. Make sure to keep your little one under your supervision as they learn to pick up food with their fingers and chew before swallowing.

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