Benefits of vibrations for your baby's sleep

Benefits of vibrations for your baby's sleep

As a parent, the first and foremost thing you would wish for is that your baby is comfortable and non-fussy. You may never want your baby to be upset or cranky.

However, there are many times that your baby is going to be fussy or cranky for many reasons like discomfort, colic, stress etc. As a parent, you can easily make out if your baby is cranky because of hunger or sleep or any discomfort. It, however becomes very difficult when you are unable to identify the reason why your baby is crying. Sometimes babies cry due to colic or to release stress or if they just feel like crying. In such situations, you should be patient and soothe your little bundle of joy.

There are many ways to soothe a crying baby such as swaddling, rocking, massaging, singing lullabies, white noise etc. However, there is one technique which most parents are either not aware of or have not tried and that is Vibrations.

Though it may sound alarming to many parents, vibrations are one of the most effective and harmless ways to soothe your baby.

What’s it about vibrations that soothes babies?

Vibrations are not new or alien to your baby. In the womb, your baby would have experienced enough vibrations and noises from rushing of blood to the placenta, mom’s heartbeat, regular movements of the mother etc. Your baby in your womb will experience what you are doing or going through. The regular activities of the mother such as walking, talking etc., sends gentle vibrations to your unborn baby.

Also, if you observe carefully, you will notice that fussy babies will calm down fast if you tap rhythmically on their backs or sing a song/lullaby with rhythm. Infants find rocking, rhythmic motion soothing and feel comfortable. Don’t we all do these things to our baby to make them settle down, relax and sleep?

Vibrations are nothing but repetitive motions set to a rhythm. For example, you might have observed that babies fall asleep quickly when you take them for a drive in your car. Many parents use this technique to put fussy babies to sleep. Vibrations would, in fact, remind your baby of all the gentle vibrations it experienced in the womb. The gentle rhythm of vibrations, your baby will relax faster and fall asleep sooner, giving you enough time to relax yourself.

How to use vibrations for your baby?

You can use baby products which have vibrating features such as vibrating mats, rockers/bassinets with vibrators, or soft toys with vibrators. The mats and the rockers/bassinets are usually equipped with adjustable vibration frequency. You can use low vibrations or higher ones according to the comfort of your child. Most of these products come with automatic shut-off function, which helps you to stop the vibrations after a set time.

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Do vibrations harm your baby?

A little vibration is not going to harm your child. Vibrations are only repetitive and rhythmic motions which calm and relax your baby. It is very similar to the gentle, rhythmic tapping you would do to put your baby to sleep. It just simulates few conditions similar to that in the mother’s womb.

Precautions to take while using vibrating products

  1. If you plan to use vibrations in bassinets or rockers, ensure that you keep them on flat surfaces always. A vibrating seat has the chance of tipping over on an uneven floor and injuring the child.
  2. Vibrating mats are a smart choice as your baby can lie on the back, relax and gently check into deep sleep.
  3. You can switch off the vibrations as soon as your baby has fallen into deep sleep. Look for products with automatic shut-off modes for peace of mind. No need to use vibrations throughout the night.

Final Words

Dear Parents, vibrations are an effective and harmless way to soothe your baby. Babies will find it very comforting and soothing as they simulate some of the conditions in the womb.

You can use vibrations in either mats or bassinets or rockers or soft toys according to your baby’s liking. So Dear Parents, you can definitely use vibrations to help your child relax and fall asleep faster. And vibrations also add over an hour of sleep for your baby and you, which is great! Isn’t it?