Why Kids Should Eat Their Food In Silverware

Why Kids Should Eat Their Food In Silverware

Remember how grandma always insisted on feeding you with a silver cup and spoon? Well, it is not really a matter of privilege as the old saying; “born with a silver spoon” goes. For our elders, silver has always been a source of several nutrients and health benefits and hence, they have always fed children using utensils made from it. There are many benefits of silverware, especially for health.

Benefits Of Silverware 

Silver is one metal that is extremely safe for babies, unlike mercury and others. This is why using silver bowls; spoons, glasses, and plates are common when the baby is introduced to new foods besides breast milk. Here are some benefits of silverware for babies:

#1. Silver Is Not Toxic

Using other metals or material for children’s utensils can have adverse effects on the child’s health. The benefits of eating in silver vessels are enhanced by the fact that silver is a safe metal to use. There are no issues related to the child’s neurological system or issues in the reproductive system later on in life. However, when it comes to other metals or plastic, there are chances of several toxins occurring in them that can even cause adverse health issues such as cancer. Silver is, in fact, included in several healthy foods to enhance the benefits that they have to offer.

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#2. It Is Free From Bacteria

One important property of silver is that it does not allow any bacterial build up on its surface. This is because this prevents the formation of any chemical bonds in the cells of these bacteria preventing them from multiplying on the metal. This is why there are several known medical benefits of silver. In fact, it is quite common to give medicines to children using silverware as it does not contaminate easily.

#3. It Is Extremely Easy To Maintain

Silver is one of the easiest metals to maintain. Since it does not allow harmful bacteria to harbor on its surface, you do not have to worry about sterilization or other cumbersome methods of cleaning utensils. All you need to do is wash it with water and very little soap and enjoy the benefits of eating in silver vessels. This also ensures that no chemicals and toxins from the soap will linger on the surface of the utensil. It is important for you to understand that silverware that is used to feed babies must never be polished. The polish that is used may contain harmful toxins.

#4. It Has Health Benefits

You may have watched several advertisements of health foods that include silver in their preparation. This is an ancient Indian practice because of the medical benefits of silver. One of the best benefits of silver is that it helps to improve the immune response of the body. However, there is very little evidence to show how silver has this effect on the body. Since it has been recommended in traditional medicine, it is safe to use silver not only as a utensil but also as an additive in small traces in the health foods that you give your baby. Silver has the property of killing germs, which is one of the reasons why it can prevent any chances of infections.

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#5. It keeps food fresh

Storing foods in other utensils that are made of plastic or other metal can cause some traces of toxins to percolate into the food. When you are planning to store your baby food for long hours, it is best to use silver since it kills microbes. One common practice in the olden times was to use milk that was infused with coins made of silver. This kept the milk fresher for longer hours when there were no facilities such as refrigeration. It is believed that keeping water in a silver container can make it more effective in quenching thirst. It also makes the water taste better over a period.

#6. There Are No BPA Or Phthalates

When you purchase any utensils or containers for food storage, you generally look for ones that are “BPA Free”. BPA is a type of compound that is added to plastic in order to make it more durable and long lasting. BPA Generally tends to latch itself onto the food items that are stored in these containers. This can cause serious issues like hormonal imbalances, obesity, or even higher risk of developing cancer in the long run. You can never be sure that even the labels that you look at are 100% genuine. That is why; it is a good idea to use silverware as silverware is without BPA.

Phthalates are another type of ingredient that is used to make plastic. This harmful compound can compromise the immunity of the child. It is equally harmful to both children and adults if it is used to store food items. Since it is free from these toxins, the benefits of using silver for babies are enhanced.

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