Ginger For Babies: Safety And Health Benefits

Ginger For Babies: Safety And Health Benefits

Ginger is a popular condiment which is used extensively in many households. But what you may not know is that it is also used as a medicine as it has amazing therapeutic properties. You can use ginger as a home remedy to treat various illnesses such as cold, flu, gas, cough etc. especially in babies. Even if your child is not ill, you can feed him ginger based dishes due to its incredible health benefits. Here, we will talk about the goodness of ginger for babies, how much ginger is safe for the babies, and what are its health implications. Also read: 21 Winter Superfoods With Amazing Benefits

Ginger for babies - Is it good?

ginger for babies Ginger is being used since centuries as a popular home remedy. If you try to recall your memory, you will realize that you would have heard the amazing benefits of this herb from your parents or grandparents.
Ginger is completely safe for the babies of more than 2 years of age, confirms the University of Maryland Medical Center. Ginger might not be digested well by the babies who are less than 2 years of age because their system is still developing and is not mature enough. Even breastfeeding mothers should not consume ginger in bigger quantities. But, for the kids who are more than 2 years old, ginger is considered safe. It can treat things like gastrointestinal problems, colic, and body pain. Though some other research institutes say that a year-old child can also consume ginger in small quantity. The parents must take care to feed ginger to their babies in limited quantity, and don’t overdo it, because the excess quantity may have some negative implications too. You must start by introducing ginger to your baby in small proportions and observe. Gradually you can slightly increase the frequency and quantity. Over and above this, it is strongly recommended that you must consult your pediatrician before giving anything like this to your baby. Also read: Garlic For Babies: Health Benefits & Recipes

Ginger for babies: Health benefits

Ginger has numerous health benefits. It contains phenyl alkyl ketones or gingerol which are aromatic chemicals that have medicinal properties. Some incredible health benefits of ginger for kids are listed below:

#1. Cough and cold

The most known benefit of ginger is that it is quite helpful in treating cough and cold in your children. The children often fall sick due to viral and bacterial infection. Rhinoviruses is the root cause of causing a frequent cold in children. Dried ginger has anti-rhino properties. Also, ginger is one of the best treatments for a cough and cold because it has biochemical compounds and microbial properties. Ginger is also an antihistamine, decongestant, and has essential oils that are very effective in alleviating cold and cough.For the small babies, you can dilute the ginger by mixing some hot water in the ginger juice. You can also combine ginger with honey to treat cold and bad throat. Honey is soothing to the throat and the sweetness of honey will also neutralize the bitterness of the ginger, hence it is the best combination.

#2. Digestion

Ginger can treat digestive problems in the babies significantly. Whenever your baby has the trouble of indigestion, due to eating junk or over-eating, you can feed him some ginger as it helps digests the food and can cure bloating too. It also helps prevent constipation. Hence, adding ginger to your baby’s meal will keep his digestive system in place. Ginger is also good for fighting diarrhea which is caused by bacteria. In case your child complains of pain in the stomach, you can feed him a quarter spoon of the juice of ginger twice a day. Ginger can treat stomach ache that is caused by colic or flatulence.

#3. Moving sickness

Moving sickness can happen to both children and adults. If you are worried of traveling in a car with your baby as he complains of motion sickness, you can give ginger in small quantity. It prevents vomiting reflux and hence your child will not feel uncomfortable.

#4. Relieves Gas

It is quite discomforting for the babies to have gastric problems in the stomach. Ginger can be your savior as it can manage the stomach issues like gas pretty well. Consuming ginger helps in reducing the formation of gas in the stomach. Also, the babies might be affected by the gastric ulcer or acidic juices because of low immunity and immature stomach system. Feeding ginger to your baby will help him ease gastric ulcers. Also read: 9 Easy and Delicious Sweet Potatoes Recipes For Kids

#5. Bronchitis

These days there have been many cases of bronchitis in children when inflammation in the mucous happens which causes trouble in breathing. You can also add some honey or black pepper powder to feed your baby for better results.

#6. Strengthens immune system

Ginger boosts immunity in the babies because it is an antioxidant and also has anti-inflammatory properties.

#7. Good for liver

The liver is known to be a rough and tough organ of the human body. But the liver of the babies is not fully matured and hence cannot bear the toxins. Ginger keeps the liver of the baby strong and also keeps the liver infections away by eliminating the toxins from the liver. Also read: 21 Fruit and Vegetable Purees for Babies

#8. Good for blood circulation

Ginger is a blood thinner and can lower the level of cholesterol, hence it augments the blood circulation in the body. Want to share your experience as a mom with other moms through words or images? Become a part of the Moms United community. Click here and we will get in touch with you