Why Do Babies Sweat While Sleeping? Should You Worry?

Why Do Babies Sweat While Sleeping? Should You Worry?

Seeing your baby sleep peacefully is probably the most adorable experience ever. Deep sleep has many benefits for your little one as their brains develop the most when sleeping. However, many times, babies tend to sweat a lot during sleep, especially on their head. Do you often wonder why babies sweat while sleeping?

If you’re waking up anxious to find your baby soaked in sweat, trust us, you’re not alone. Keep your worries aside for a minute and let’s find out the underlying cause of this excessive sweating and perspiration in your baby and how to cure it.

Why Do Babies Sweat While Sleeping?

Sweating helps maintain the body temperature and reduces the heat generated internally. However, the underlying cause of excessive sweating is more important than the issue itself. Since sweating on the head is common in babies, you should look for sweating on palms and feet as this could be a warning sign. Make sure that this sweating is not caused by high room temperature or humidity.

Some of the most common reasons why babies sweat while sleeping are:

#1. Sleep Apnea

Sleep apnea is one of the most common causes majorly affecting preterm babies. In this condition, the baby’s breathing pauses for around twenty seconds, thus making him struggle for oxygen. As a result, babies sweat profusely. Various other symptoms of sleep apnea are sneezing, bluish pale skin and periodic breathing. The treatment for this condition depends on its severity. Thankfully, this condition generally passes away as the baby matures (by around 11 months). If you suspect your baby has sleep apnea, consult a doctor immediately.

#2. Hyperhidrosis

If you notice your baby sweating profusely even in a cool room, he is probably suffering from hyperhidrosis. In this condition, a baby experiences sweaty hands, palms, head and feet. Fortunately, hyperhidrosis is not a severe condition and can be treated with some medical aid, so be sure to consult your doctor.

#3. Congenital Heart Disease

Congenital heart disease could be another cause of why babies sweat while sleeping. Babies suffering from this condition might sweat profusely even during play and dining. This condition takes place because of faulty formation of the heart in the uterus. Generally speaking, one in 130 babies are a victim of this condition. This can only be treated with a heart surgery.

#4. Fever

During fever, the body temperature goes above normal, thus making babies sweat while sleeping and otherwise also. To assess your infant’s body temperature, you can use a clean thermometer and inject it gently in his rectum or armpit. While fever, itself is not a disease – it signals that the body is fighting an infection.

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#5. Sudden Infant Death Syndrome

Also known as SIDS, Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a health condition that puts the baby in a state of deep sleep and makes it hard for him to wake up. This is triggered by overheating of the infant’s body and thus results in sweating. This is a very serious reason why babies sweat while sleeping.

#6. Weak Kidneys

Excessive sweating at night can also be signaling towards your infant’s weak kidneys. You will observe your baby feel thirsty often, sweat profusely and has lost a lot of weight. This is termed as Night Syndrome. Be sure to consult your doctor immediately in case you suspect this.

How Can I Deal With Excessive Night Sweats In My Baby?

We understand that as parents, it is normal to get anxious about your baby’s slightest body changes. However, instead of panicking, it is better to identify the underlying problem and find a solution.

5 tips To Help Your Baby Deal With Excessive Night Sweating In Your Baby

#1. Hydrate Your Child

Since sweating leads to loss of fluids from the body, it is essential to hydrate your baby well throughout the day. However, at night time, make sure you give him less fluids right before going to bed. As this would result in frequent bathroom trips in the middle of the night and the loss of even more fluids.

#2. Comfortable Clothing

At times the night sweating may be aggravated due to unnecessary blankets and heavy clothing. Dress your child in comfy nightwear, made out of breathable cotton fabric. Make sure that your baby’s night-time attire is the most comfortable one. Uncomforable and heavy clothing is also a major reason why babies sweat while sleeping.

#3. Check The Room Temperature

If you happen to feel hot, your baby must also be feeling hot. Make sure to keep the room temperature under control at night. Do wake up to check the temperature at least twice in the middle of the night. Ideal room temperature should be between 25 degrees C to 27 degrees C.

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#4. Opt For The Right Bedding

Many times, parents get so busy choosing the right clothing for babies that they forget to pay attention to the bed linen. Make sure you opt for cotton and linen bed sheets for your baby. Steer clear of satin bedding as it would only worsen sweating.

Note: Well meaning grand mothers and relatives always feel that the baby is feeling cold and tend to pile on the blankets. As a mother, trust your own instinct and only cover your baby as much as required. If you see your baby kicking off the blankets – make him wear a complete body suit to sleep.

#5. Consult Your Pediatrician

In case you find the above measures going in vain, you must consult your pediatrician to check for an undiagnosed health condition. This is true if you notice other symptoms along with sweating such as head banging, rocking, snorting, teeth grinding and snoring.

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